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Dawn Run Club

Early morning group personal run coaching

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Start your day with a group of supportive, liked minded runners and 45-minute coaching session focused on making you a more efficient runner.

We employ a wide variety of structured running workouts and drills including track sessions, hill sessions, fartlek and tempo sessions, utilising the amazing area surrounding Callan Park, Lilyfield including the famous Bay Run, Blackwattle Bay Annandale, Ballast Point Park Birchgrove, King George Park Rozelle and the Greenway, Leichhardt.

Pre-paid Packages

Pre-paid session credits to save you money and take the hassle out of booking. Pre-paid credits are used automatically when booking into any of our RUNCorps Dawn Run Club sessions

  • 8 sessions or 4 weeks of Dawn Run Club
  • $13.50 per session
  • Save 12% on single session price
  • 16 sessions or 8 weeks of Dawn Run Club
  • $12.45 per session
  • Save 18% on single session price
  • 24 sessions or 12 weeks of Dawn Run Club
  • $10 per session
  • Save 35% on single session price
  • 48 sessions or 6 months of Dawn Run Club
  • $8.95 per session
  • Save 42% on single session price