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Meet the Team

David 'DJ' Jones
Long-distance cyclist, endurance athlete and our resident soft sand running specialist, DJ is "glass half full" when it comes to training, always encouraging his clients to dig that extra bit deeper and achieve extraordinary results.
David 'DJ' JonesCo-Founder | Co-Owner | Coach
Jase 'Sarge' Cronshaw
Endurance athlete, mountain biker and procrastinating artist. Nicknamed "Sarge" following his time as an Original Bootcamp Instructor, Jase follows a "firm but fair" approach for getting the best out of his clients and believes that just beyond discomfort is the best run of your life.
Jase 'Sarge' CronshawCo-Founder | Co-Owner | Coach
Zynthia Nedergaarden
Coach Ned is one of our STRONG by V&B Athletic® instructors who brings a special brand of tough to her sessions.
Zynthia NedergaardenCoach

The V&B Athletic Story

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Over the years V&B Athletic® founders David "DJ" Jones and Jase "Coach" Cronshaw have experienced a wide range of health and fitness training programs. Skills and qualifications they've gained from their time spent in the corporate world have enabled them to develop strategies and programming that they now use to help others embark on their own life-changing journeys.
DJ introduced Jase to the Long Trail and as running fanatics, they have since run in excess of 7,000 km together in ultra endurance races, both in Australia and overseas. They've successfully competed in events such as Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Survival Run Australia, Motatapu New Zealand, TNF100, UTMB, GNW100, Buffalo Stampede, Hounslow Classic and Bali Hope Ultra.
With many of those events and training hours needing to fit around busy professional careers and families, they developed a range of techniques for maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of their own training sessions. The same approach they now use when helping their clients go beyond their impossible.

Oct 2010

The story begins

DJ and Jase meet shortly after they begin training together as ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP recruits.

Oct 2010


They discover a mutual love of running

Whilst training under the founders of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Chief Brabon and Emilie Brabon-Hames, at both their CBD and Coogee locations.

Apr 2012

They experience their first Obstacle Course Race together

The first Tough Mudder event to be held in Australia. 20km of awesome muddy fun in Phillip Island, Victoria.

Apr 2012

Mar 2013

They experience their first ultra marathon together

The 49km Motatapu Adventure Race in Wanaka New Zealand - where a healthy obsession with alpine ultra-running is born!

Oct 2015

V&B Athletic® is born

DJ and Jase launch V&B Athletic® together to share their own unique and targeted brand of fitness and personal training, building on the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP base they see as one of the most successful fitness programs in the industry today.

Oct 2015

Jun 2016

ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Leichhardt launches

V&B Athletic® begin delivering ORIGINAL BOOTCAMPTM to Sydney’s Inner West as ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Leichhardt.

Oct 2017

Rozelle Run Club

V&B Athletic® starts coaching Rozelle Run Club in partnership with Pace Athletic and Balmain Sports Medicine Rozelle.

Oct 2017

Jan 2018

RUNCorps launches

V&B Athletic® introduce RUNCorps to provide a run club for like-minded runners, beginners to elites, who love to motivate and support each other to achieve the extraordinary.

Mar 2018

WORKForce launches

V&B Athletic® develop WORKForce to provide tailored fitness programming to organisations wanting to improve the health and well-being of their employees.

Mar 2018

Aug 2018

TRAILCorps launches

V&B Athletic® launches TRAILCorps to provide free guided trail runs and introduce people to what they love doing most, running trails!

Sept 2018

Mood Active partnership begins

V&B Athletic® team up with Mood Active to help people battling depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder get back on their feet by providing exercise programs that empower people to better manage their recovery.

Click Here to find out more about this amazing Not-For-Profit group who are passionate as we are about seeing more Australians using exercise to improve their mental health.

Sept 2018

Oct 2018

Keep It Cleaner collaboration begins

V&B Athletic® joins forces with Keep It Cleaner as a part of their expert team to share our unique brand of running training with their global community.

Co-founders and co-owners Stephanie Claire-Smith and Laura Henshaw provide online programming that aligns perfectly with V&B Athletic's own values on keeping health and fitness down to earth, enjoyable and highly effective.

Jul 2019

STRONG by V&B Athletic® launches

ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Leichhardt becomes STRONG by V&B Athletic® and continues to be the leading group personal training outfit in Sydney’s Inner West.

Jul 2019


To be continued...

At V&B Athletic® our philosophy is all about adapting, evolving, refining, enhancing and improving... so stay tuned!

The inspiration behind the name

We're often asked, "Where did the name V&B Athletic come from?" 

Meet Vicki Griffiths and Barb Macklow, two incredibly inspiring ultramarathoners. In this short video, they talk about their experiences and philosophies of running and training for 100-mile endurance runs.

DJ and Jase came across their story in early 2011 just as their own ultramarathon experiences were beginning and immediately recognised similarities. More than just training partners, these two ladies are also great friends. Enjoy!

Video credit: Trac 2.0 Productions