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Reset your frame of reference

Technically a frame of reference is defined as a complex set of assumptions and attitudes which are used to filter perceptions to create meaning...

Change your F.O.R.

As humans, our frame of reference refers to the situations and environments that we are familiar with and comfortable with. 

Experiences we have in physical training and in life dictate our frame of reference and therefore are directly linked to how we perform in certain situations.

Spartan Up!

Spartan Race co-founder and CEO Joe De Sena provides a great explanation to resetting your frame of reference in his book Spartan Up!. In it, he states, "The development of mental control is the foundation for building an unbeatable mind that will not fail at any worthy goal or task..."

Changing your frame of reference means every time you hit a challenge, be it a tough workout, your first marathon or climbing a six-metre cliff face in the pouring rain at 1:00 am in the morning; you have a choice.

Changing your frame of reference means making the choice to keep things easy and comfortable, the way you’re used to doing them, or intentionally making them harder or at least not avoiding difficult situations when they arise. 

Expect the unexpected.

You can’t control situations that may crop up in an event, such as an ultramarathon. Which is why I follow the principle "train for all conditions". This applies as much to mental preparation as it does physical preparation.

Things will go wrong, and you need to be able to refer back to situations in which you’ve faced similar challenges. Change your frame of reference by embracing the obstacles and challenges that pop up, as well as actively forcing them upon yourself and you'll reap benefits both in training and in life.

Sometimes that means seeking them out.

By experiencing new challenges in life and learning how to overcome them will make you better prepared to handle future obstacles when they arise.

Don’t be afraid to follow the path less travelled once in a while. 

If you're thinking "it's time to change my frame of reference" and looking to embark on your first challenge then check out this great post by Obstacle Course Racer and Coach Mike Meredith where he talks about finding his passion for Spartan Racing and what to expect when you take on your first Spartan Race event.

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Written by Jase Cronshaw, Posted in Men's Health, Mental Health, Running, Women's Health

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Jase Cronshaw

Jase Cronshaw

As one of V&B Athletic's co-owners and coaches, Jase is an experienced endurance athlete who is actively involved in health and fitness initiatives within the local community. He hosts Rozelle Run Club every Wednesday night together with Pace Athletic Rozelle and Balmain Sports Medicine, a free weekly run club helping people discover the same enjoyment he gets from running. When he isn't running Jase likes to get on the tools and renovate or spend time landscaping his garden on the South Coast of NSW. Otherwise he can be found procrastinating over his next masterpiece with a number of art works "in the pipeline".