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Bali Children Foundation Austalia

We love the Bali Children Foundation because...

They're providing an educational pathway for disadvantaged Balinese children.

Bali Children Foundation helps thousands of children to finish school, to find employment, to improve their lives and the life of their community. With currently more than 4500 children learning vital English and computer skills plus environmental awareness. The program is currently being delivered throughout the north of Bali, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan.

Education is something we take for granted in the western world. In Australia, where DJ and Jase both grew up, education is compulsory from the age of 6. This meant, whether you remember the days in the old schoolyard as the happiest days of your life or you were just glad to escape from school into the adult world, we were all fortunate enough to have the opportunity.

How are we helping Bali Children Foundation?

In May 2019 we were given the chance to run 84km across Bali with 20 other amazing humans from all corners of the globe, not only because we love running, but also to raise vital funds for the Bali Children Foundation, a cause we're all incredibly passionate about. The money raised provides the same opportunity of an educational pathway for disadvantaged Balinese children – a journey leading to growth and long-term sustainability.


We love Mood Active because...

They're a non-profit association that runs group exercise programs, offered at very affordable prices, to help people experiencing mild to moderate depression or anxiety to get back on their feet through exercise.

Their passion is to help change the under-prescribing of exercise as an effective treatment for mental illness.

How are we helping Mood Active?

Three mornings a week V&B Athletic provide small group outdoor training sessions to Mood Active clients in the surrounds of Camperdown oval.

The sessions are designed to challenge participants at a level they're comfortable with through a mixture of strength, conditioning and aerobic based training.

Steve Waugh Foundation

We love the Steve Waugh Foundation because...

They've made it their mission to enhance the lives of children and families affected by a rare disease.

'No one should have to stand alone. Everyone needs a team to support them.' Steve Waugh AO.

The rare disease patient is the orphan of the health system, often without diagnosis, without treatment, and therefore, without reason to hope. The Steve Waugh Foundation is about Strength of Character. It's at the core of what they do, from the people they support to the people who support them. They are ‘somewhere to turn’ for children and young adults with rare diseases.

How are we helping Steve Waugh Foundation?

For a number of years we've been involved in "The Captain’s Ride" - the highlight of the Steve Waugh Foundation’s annual fundraising campaign - an internationally attended ‘by approved application only’, exclusive 6 day on road cycle Tour.

The Captain’s Ride is about people from all walks of life leading, inspiring, supporting and guiding others. Steve Waugh personally invites and creates a unique team of International Riders who make up the inspirational Leadership Program each evening.

The ride is about 'strength of character'. It's at the core of what the Steve Waugh Foundation do, from the people they support to the people who support them.