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Fitness success depends on training and nutrition. The right combination of nutrients can fuel that success.

Nuzest - Nutrition for life

Why Nuzest?

We have been using Nuzest products for a number of years and not only love the taste but more importantly we're impressed by the lengths Nuzest go to ensure their products contain only healthy and legal ingredients.

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LovePBCo. - The Protein Bread Co.

Why The Protein Bread Co.?

The Protein Bread Co. shares our philosophy of empowering athletes to take it to the next level. We love their natural high protein, low carb and gluten free products that allow health-focused individuals to meet their daily nutritional requirements.

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SOS Hydration

Why SOS Hydration?

We use SOS Hydration for regular post-workout recovery and as part of our race nutrition strategies. SOS Hydration is the only electrolyte hydration drink that is formulated by a doctor and two former pro athletes based on proven medical and sports science.

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The Local Tart

Why The Local Tart?

Our venue of choice for post-session refuelling and those important "de-briefing" meetings!

Nic and his team will meet you with a smile, a great selection of healthy food choices and possibly the best coffee in Sydney's Inner West. With plenty of seating inside and some alfresco seating out the front, breakfast options include ‘The Corn Star’, a low-carb, high protein take on the classic pancake stack, ‘The Salmon Eggs’ and the "Halloumi Stack".

If you’re not a coffee connoisseur then why not try one of the healthy super smoothies in berry, banana and a range of seasonal fruits or choose from their range of organic teas.

Just tell them "Coach Cronshaw" sent you!

Fueling bodies to handle real-life situations.