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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following carefully

As part of signing up for any V&B Athletic course or session, you will be asked to confirm that you have read, understood and will be bound by these terms and conditions.

Your feedback is important in helping us to provide a great service. If you have any comments or questions about these terms and conditions or our services to you, please do not hesitate to contact us or if appropriate, to seek independent advice.  You can call V&B Athletic at any time on 0414 932 019 or email hello@vandbathletic.com.au.

Your Health and Your Promise to Us

Running, high-intensity exercise and outdoor training are all high-risk activities that carry with them a risk of injury, including serious injury. We will always work with you to provide to the best of our ability, a safe and supportive training environment, and adapt that environment to suit your capabilities.  However, while you have provided some personal information to us unless you keep us fully and regularly advised of your health and fitness, we are not aware of your state of health or fitness or your physical capabilities and limitations. On the day you sign up to one of our courses and every time you attend a session with us, you promise us that you:

  • are in good physical condition, and
  • know of no medical or other reason why you cannot or should not do active or passive exercise.
Our staff and contractors are not medically trained. They are not qualified to assess if you are in good physical condition and can exercise without risking your health, safety or comfort. If you have any doubts, we strongly urge you to seek expert advice before starting an exercise program.

If you believe any activities of V&B Athletic might risk your health, you must tell us this in writing with full details. You must also tell us if your medical condition changes after you join.  We may choose to refuse to accept your booking with V&B Athletic or to allow you to take part in our courses until:
  • your doctor agrees in writing that you are fit to exercise
  • you show us proof that you have received medical advice on an appropriate exercise program.


STRONG by V&B Athletic course participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of their commencement date.

RUNCorps participants must be at least 10 years of age at the time of their commencement date, any persons under the age of 18 must have written consent to their attendance provided by a parent or guardian.


Your course or session booking is not confirmed until V&B Athletic have received:

  • Your full fee (unless other arrangements have been made with V&B Athletic)
  • Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Privacy Policy

When you register with V&B Athletic we will have access to personal information about you, including your health and financial situation. We will only use, disclose or deal with your information in line with our privacy policy, which can be accessed here.

Credit Card Details

V&B Athletic does not store your credit card details, not even in an encrypted format. Credit card details are stored by our payment gateway Stripe. This means that V&B Athletic cannot retrieve your card number but can charge your nominated card on file.

Changes to Course and Session Dates and Times

V&B Athletic reserve the right to vary or cancel your course if necessary. In the unlikely event of cancellation, V&B Athletic will provide an alternative course date to you or your course fee will be refunded in full (or in the case of mid-course will be partially refunded). If your coach(s) or instructor(s) are unable to take a course session for an unknown reason then V&B Athletic, at their discretion, will offer you an additional session.

Medical clearance

You are required to seek a medical practitioner's advice before starting any V&B Athletic course or session if you:

  1. have a diagnosed medical condition;
  2. are Female, older than 45 years of age and unaccustomed to exercise;
  3. are Male, older than 35 years of age and unaccustomed to exercise;

If you meet any of these criteria a medical report must be completed by a registered medical practitioner and then forwarded to hello@vandbathletic.com.au at least 7 days prior to your commencement date.

If you are unable to obtain clearance from a registered Medical practitioner we cannot allow you to commence your chosen course and in those circumstances:

  • a full refund of your course or session fee (if paid) will be given, provided that you have given V&B Athletic notice of your failure to obtain medical clearance at least 7 days prior to your course commencement date; or
  • if you give V&B Athletic such a notice prior to your commencement date but later than 7 days prior to your commencement date, you will forfeit 50% of your paid course or session fee, and 50% of your paid course or session fee will be issued to you as a credit for a future course or session, where applicable, run by V&B Athletic; or
  • if you fail to give any notice prior to your commencement date, no refund will be issued.

Your Attendance and Being on Time

You must not attend any V&B Athletic course or session, without prior notification to and consultation with your instructor(s)/coach(s), if you:

  • have a contagious illness
  • have serious injuries, infection or other ailments such as an open cut or sore
  • present any other risk, however small, to other clients of V&B Athletic
  • are pregnant
You must make adequate travel arrangements to arrive in time for your session start time each day and agree that:
  • You will arrive prior to the scheduled start time of your registered V&B Athletic session.
  • You will be ready to commence training at the times given.
  • You understand that late arrival may result in non-participation at your own expense.
  • If you are late, the session will start without you.
  • If you miss all or part of your course (for reasons including lateness, illness, injury or work commitments) then you will not be entitled to a refund of any part of your course fee.

If you have missed a session for reasons including those set out above, V&B Athletic will not (except at their absolute discretion) offer any makeup sessions or credits or refunds for those sessions.

Your Commitment to Attending Scheduled Sessions

  • You'll attend your registered course or session rain, hail or shine.
  • STRONG by V&B Athletic courses, you'll endeavour to attend all 12 sessions of your course unless otherwise discussed in advance with your coach(s) and commit to attending a minimum of 10 of the 12 sessions in your course without fail unless otherwise discussed in advance with your coach(s).
  • RUNCorps Run Programs, you'll endeavour to attend all sessions of your program unless otherwise discussed in advance with your coach(s).

Photographs, media and likeness

You agree and confirm that V&B Athletic may use any images, video or likenesses of you that you supply to us or that are taken during V&B Athletic sessions, for promotional or marketing use of V&B Athletic programs, including on social media, printed materials and video advertising or any other form of media.  If you have any personal, religious or other objections to that use please advise us of those objections in writing at the time of registering with us.

Adherence to Safety Directions

You must comply with the safety regulations and instructions of V&B Athletic coaching staff at all times

If at any time your coach (or coaches) considers that you are jeopardising the safety of yourself and/or others and/or disrupting the session, then you may be asked to leave and you will not be entitled to either a refund or credit for future sessions with V&B Athletic.


V&B Athletic will not be held responsible for:

  • any injury or illness you suffer as a result of an on-going medical condition or a poor standard of health or fitness;
  • any aggravation of pre-existing or previous injuries sustained by you;
  • any medical condition, injury or illness which you sustain during any session run by V&B Athletic;
  • any damage to or loss of your personal property during any session run by V&B Athletic.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless V&B Athletic and all of its employees, licensees and agents from any and all direct or indirect losses for which V&B Athletic or its employees, licensees or agents may become liable as a result of any claims or actions which you make or which are made on your behalf due to any direct or indirect losses that you may suffer as a result of attending a session run by V&B Athletic.