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Defy Your Limits

RUNCorps™ (RUN, \ˈkȯr\)

The Run Club for all people and all conditions

Tackle your first race, become a faster and more efficient runner, or just start running for the first time with like-minded people who love to motivate and support each other to achieve the extraordinary.

Defy Your Limits

Dawn Run Club

5:45am every Tuesday and Thursday

Join our Dawn RUNCorps™ crew for structured group sessions with a wide variety of workouts and drills, all focused on making you a faster and more efficient runner.

Rozelle Run Club

6.30pm every Wednesday

Rozelle Run Club is a free run club we host together with Pace Athletic Rozelle and Balmain Sports Medicine. An energetic and supportive group of people who welcome runners of all levels, from first timers to elite athletes, with fun, varied and rewarding sessions that cover between 5km to 8km.

Become a stronger, more capable runner

Our STRONGCorps™ program combines the principles of periodised training with proven science to help you build strength and stability to improve your running performance both on and off road.

Sessions comprise of strength, conditioning and aerobic based workouts, coached by trainers who actually care if you turn up to training and with teammates who look forward to training with you every session.

Trail Club

Do you want to get into trail running but don’t know where to start?
Our free Trail Club runs are suitable for anyone that is comfortable with running for at least 30 minutes. Come along and get those shoes dirty!

Personal Coaching


Tailored to meet specific needs and goals, our self-managed programs can prepare you for your first event or get you faster, leaner and stronger ready for your next.


Book a session with one of our experienced coaches and learn specific skills or improve running technique with coaching that can be delivered one-on-one or in a group setting.