V&B Athletic® - Endurance Specialists

Defy Your Limits

A healthy workplace means productive people.

We believe physical activity and team spirit are essential to support a healthy company culture.

We've seen it work in our own professional careers and it's at the heart of why we created WORKForce.

Workplace Fitness Solutions

Promote a culture of healthy bodies and healthy minds within your organisation that will foster better teamwork and camaraderie
Provide fitness sessions that are tailored to your business or organisation that are functional, effective and fun.
Present an alternative forum that encourages cooperation and builds team spirit.

Team-focused and engaging fitness solutions tailored to match your specific needs, goals and budget

From team building initiatives to mental resilience and technique workshops, we can help you to structure sessions that will have your employees feeling full to the brim of feel-good endorphins and ready to tackle any challenge.

Boost productivity and workplace satisfaction

Group Training

Our "bootcamp" style group fitness sessions are high-intensity workouts that are varied, dynamic and energetic, catering for all levels of fitness with a particular focus on team-work.

Sessions generally comprise of strength, conditioning and aerobic based training.

Run Coaching

From technique workshops that teach people how to run or get them running more efficiently through to high-intensity interval sessions to burn those calories.

We design sessions that are inclusive and rewarding for all levels of runner.

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